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Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

The most common question/request we get is asking for tips for taking tiny babies or toddlers to Disneyland. Hamm’s first trip to Disneyland was in October 2017 when he was a little less than 2 months old. Although he will never remember it, we took […]

We Stayed At The Magical Escape Vacation Home Near Walt Disney World

We Stayed At The Magical Escape Vacation Home Near Walt Disney World

We were invited by TheEnchantedVilla to be the first people to stay and experience their new vacation home called “The Magical Escape”. It was such an AMAZING experience and the home is seriously incredible. In this post, I will be sharing my full review with […]

How To Make Free Time Productive and Enjoyable

How To Make Free Time Productive and Enjoyable

Free time. Something that not many of us have an abundance of, particularly in recent times. Whether it’s work, parenting, household chores, or just trying to keep up with friends and family, I don’t think it’s any surprise that we are all busy. Sometimes it can feel like doing something for yourself is bad, or that you aren’t doing enough if you are taking time to relax. I’ll save the talk about the necessity for having separate “you” time for another post, but if you are someone who feels like you always need to be doing something productive, here are some ways you can enjoy your free time and feel productive while doing it. 


If your to-do list includes things you need to do around the house, throwing on your favorite TV show or musical album while you fold laundry or wash dishes can make the task seem less painful while also giving you the opportunity to do something you enjoy. If you have kids who are old enough to help, make the task fun by turning on some music and dancing around while you stay productive!

Walk Your Dog

If walking your dog is on your to-do list, or if you find yourself feeling guilty for not getting your pup out for a walk as often as you should, this is a wonderful way to accomplish more than one thing at once! Getting your dog some exercise will cross that off your to-do list, but in the process, you are also getting yourself exercise. If you prefer a higher-intensity workout, you can jog with your dog or do lunges as you walk. The time you spend walking your pet is also a wonderful time to catch up with friends and family on the phone, or even make work calls if you’re able to. Throw in your headphones and get going. You’ll start to look forward to walking your dog each day!

Hire Professional Help

Believe me – I know the feeling of wanting to do everything yourself. The reality is that we’re only human and sometimes we need help! The added benefit to this is that hiring professional help for tasks on your to-do list will give you extra time to do things you enjoy. If you’re financially able to, hiring a housekeeper to help with chores around the house can save you so much time! If you have a move coming up or have heavy items to need delivered or removed from your home, hiring a moving company can save you time (as well as potential injuries from trying to move things yourself). Looking for help in Utah? Movin’ is a Utah-based moving company that has great reviews and can help free up some time for you, with peace of mind. They do it all from residential moving to packing and they are even professional Salt Lake City UT long distance movers, too.

Enjoy Family Time

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 9.36.17 PM

It’s no secret that while having a family is an amazing thing, it can sometimes be a lot of work! Between entertaining kids, making sure everyone is fed, getting people places on time, maintaining relationships with family members you don’t see every day, and trying to get some sleep in between, it can be overwhelming. When you start feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself the why behind what you do. You love these people! If a shirt ends up wrinkled, or a pizza is a little burnt, try to laugh it off and turn it into a good memory instead of stressing about being perfect. This time with your family will be much more enjoyable for you, as it should be!

Accept Being Unproductive

It sounds cliche, but life doesn’t have to be productive 100% of the time. The sooner you can appreciate that you do not have to always be productive, the more you can enjoy the little things in life like spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, eating a good meal, etc. without worrying about what you could be getting done instead. You only get one life, so enjoy it!



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15 Costume Ideas from Disney’s Tangled

15 Costume Ideas from Disney’s Tangled

isney’s Tangled. We have created all of these costumes so I can share pictures as well as a brief description of how we created each costume. Some of them are pretty obvious but we also got creative to share some costume ideas you may not have thought of.

DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

If you haven’t seen the hit Netflix series Squid Game, I’m sure you have at least heard about it. Netflix released the Squid Game series on September 17, 2021, and it immediately became a viral sensation becoming Netflix’s most-streamed show, EVER!!! With the success of the series you can bet A LOT of people are going to use Squid Game as their Halloween costume theme this year and for many years to come. Although this show, definitely is NOT family-friendly, I repeat, do not watch this with your kids. Squid Game does make a great family costume. In this post, I will be showing you how to create super easy, no sewing required DIY Squid Game family costumes.

Netflix reached out to me at the beginning of October and said they needed a family to create some content for them and they needed it done in less than 2 weeks. The fact we were able to pull this off goes to show just how easy this costume is. I will include links to everything you need(note: when you purchase using these links, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you that helps us create more awesome content like this. So THANK YOU!) Let’s get started!

Squid Game Red Light Green Light Doll Costume

Red Light/Green Light Doll Costume

We will start with the easiest costume. If you have watched the first episode or even seen the trailer for Squid Game, you are probably scared of this robot character. We decided to put a cute twist on the character with this super easy costume. The best part about this costume is you literally don’t have to make anything. Just buy the clothes and get dressed. Our daughter Scarlett made a great model for this costume.

Here is what you will need for the red light green light doll costume:

Squid Game Pink Guard Costume

Pink Soldier/Guard Costume

This guard costume is a little more difficult than the red light green light doll but is still super simple. In the series, the guards are always wearing their masks but we decided to use beanies and not cover our faces to make it a little more family-friendly. We created the triangle and square shapes for the beanie using white Gorilla Tape. We really like to work with gorilla tape because it is thicker, sticks better, and holds its shape more than ordinary Duck tape. I have also noticed that you can peel it off the clothing and no noticeable residue is left behind.

Once you create the shapes on the beanies, the hardest part is done. Simply cut out a thick strip of black felt to be the belt and safety pin it in the back. And there you have it, you are now a Pink Guard. One thing to note is that there are lots of great Pink Jumpsuits that might match the color better from the show. However, the ones I used were the best deal that could arrive on time to meet the deadline.

Here is what you will need for the Squid Game Guard Costume:

Squid Game Player Costume for Kids

Squid Game Player Costume

So creating the Squid Game player costume is definitely a little more time-consuming than the previous two costumes but could still be done in less than an hour. The first step is to use white Gorilla Tape to add stripes to the arms and legs of the green clothing. Gorilla tape sticks really well to the fabric. Depending on the size of the clothing being used you may be able to use the standard width of the tape or you may need to trim the strips of tape for the stripes.

The trickiest part is cutting the numbers out of the tape. Once you get the numbers cut out you can add them to the chest of the green clothing. We chose to do numbers 001 for Oh Il-nam and 456 for Lee Jung-jae, two of the main characters and players of Squid Game.

For the green clothing, we used pieces from We love for our costumes because they have tons of basic clothing in all the colors with NO graphics, logos, text, etc. If you use code TOYSTORYDAD you can get 20% off + FREE SHIPPING on your first order from I also found out that has the Spruce color in Adult sizes if you want the adults to be the players. If you are interested here are the exact pieces we ordered for our players: clothing for Squid Game Player Costume

Here is what you will need for the Squid Game Player Costume:

I hope this quick walkthrough of how to create family costumes inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game was helpful. I can’t wait to see if people use our pictures and this article as inspiration to create a fun family costume. If you do make sure to tag @toystorydad on Instagram so I can see your awesome costumes. If there is another Family costume you would like to see done, let me know in the comments.

Dad’s Review of the Rad Wagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes

Dad’s Review of the Rad Wagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes

This post is sponsored by Rad Power Bikes. They provided me with a Rad Wagon to create this content. However, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I have been riding my Rad Wagon 4 electric cargo bike for two months and […]

Inspirational Quotes and Lessons Learned from Disney’s Cruella

One of my favorite things about Disney movies is that they always have a great message and some lessons we can take away and apply to our own lives. Even though Disney’s Cruella is a movie about one of the greatest and some might say […]

Am I too tall for Disneyland or Disney World?

With our little kids, we are always measuring and checking to see if they are tall enough to ride some of the big rides like Space Mountain. If you are looking for the minimum height requirements check out these guides I made for Disneyland and Disney World. However, the question we are answering today is “Is it possible to be too tall for the rides at Disneyland or Disneyworld ?” The short answer is, NO! Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World have no official upper height limits for any of their rides.

A few weeks ago, one of my blog readers commented, “Is there a height restriction at all? Within the next year, I’m going with my family but my boyfriend who has never been to any Disney park is coming with us to Disney World and he is 6’7”/6’8”! Could he even ride space mountain? I’m just concerned he’s too tall for a few things like that and Sorin’! I don’t know where to look or who to ask!” I decided to do my own research so I could answer this reader’s question. I have a large Instagram following with hundreds of cast members who chimed in with their knowledge.

Disney has NO official restrictions

Although there are minimum height requirements for some rides at Disney Parks, Disney has no official rules or restrictions limiting guests that are “too tall” from riding any of the rides at Disneyland Resort in California or Disneyworld Resort in Florida! As long as the safety restraints can click in place, you will be able to ride all of the rides. I have heard that other theme parks like six flags do have upper height restrictions on some rides.

This question seems to get asked occasionally to the Disney Parks Mom Panel and this is their most recent answer:

Plan Disney Blog Answer Can you be too tall for Disneyworld
I have some great news to share in that at present there are no upper height (or weight!) restrictions in place at Walt Disney World Resort, only lower ones on various Attractions for Guests measuring 60 inches (52cm) or shorter.

My best advice for your lovely boyfriend would be for him to be prepared for some Attractions to feel a little cramped for his majestic height.  He will most likely have to tuck-in-a-bit so to speak on these Attraction vehicles which in my opinion might feel a little snug – Astro OrbiterSeven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain – all of which happen to be within the enchantment of the Magic Kingdom Park!

According to Disney World Website, some of the attractions that are intended for kids at the water parks do have an upper height limit. Just like the Mc Donald’s playground isn’t really designed for adults.

Some rides may not be comfortable

If you are taller than 6′ most of the rides especially in fantasyland are not going to be super comfortable to ride because of the limited legroom. I mean, I am only 5′ 9″ and find myself having to twist and angle my legs to try and fit sometimes. However, being uncomfortable for a minute or two is totally worth it because the rides in Fantasyland are magical. Rides that have been mentioned to be uncomfortable for taller riders include everything in Fantasyland(Dumbo, It’s A Small World, Snow White, and Pinocchio), Goofy’s Sky School, Space Mountain, Matterhorn, and Flight of Passage.

If Lebron James can fit, you can too

You know what happens when an NFL team wins the Superbowl right? They go to Disney World of course! Football players aren’t the only celebrities known to visit Disney Parks though. It is very common to see basketball players from the NBA at Disney Parks. If you have ever seen a player from the NBA you know that usually, they are VERY TALL! As you can see in the screenshot above, a former cast member said that Lebron James was able to ride all of the rides including the Incredicoaster. For reference, Lebron James is 6′ 9″ tall. Someone also said they have a picture of Kobe Bryant who is 6′ 6″ on the Matterhorn.

Some rides may have specific rows or seats better for tall riders

Space Mountain, Matterhorn, and Incredicoaster have more room in the front row so cast members will usually try to seat the tallest member of your party in those front rows of the ride vehicles. On Rockin Roller Coaster the odd number rows are best for tall riders. A cast member did mention that some ride vehicles even have more space in the back row although I am unsure which rides those are.

Watch your head on Space Mountain

I am just kidding! Although, I am not super tall and I’m still scared my head might hit on Space Mountain. Don’t worry though, multiple cast members have confirmed that even though they seem super low, there is nothing to worry about. Disney is VERY focused on safety and they would not risk any sort of situation like this. I would still recommend you follow the safety guidelines and not put your hands up or to the side of the ride vehicle.

In conclusion, based on all of the responses I received from Cast Members and park guests from their personal experiences if you are 6′ 9″ or under you shouldn’t have a problem getting on any of the rides at Disneyland or Disneyworld. However, you may have to be uncomfortable and squeeze in with your knees to your chest for the duration of the rides. So maybe it’s a good time to take up yoga a month or two before your Disney trip.

While you may not be too tall for Disney Parks, it is possible to overpay on your Disney vacation. Don’t let that happen by using our official travel partner Get Away Today. Get Away Today is the best place to book a package for both Walt Disney World and/or Disneyland. You can also use my code “ToyStoryDad” at checkout for additional savings. You can book by clicking here or call 1-855-GET-AWAY and tell them Toy Story Dad sent you and a live agent will help you plan the perfect Disney vacation.

Have you had any issues or experiences being too tall at Disneyland? Let me know in the comments.

For reference, I have included several of the responses I received from my Instagram audience below:

As long as the restraint clicks once you’re good. I worked at Screamin(Now the Incredicoaster) and never saw it happen.


I’m 6′ 6″ and 300lbs. There are some that are a little tight but I always manage to squeeze in them. I do not fit in Goofy’s Sky School, I know that for a fact. All the rest my knees are jammed in but I still have fun. Soarin I fit really well into and I can ride Space Mountain too.

Garrett Osiek

There are no official “restrictions” but coming from someone who is only 6’ space mountain isn’t bad for height since your legs wrap around the person in front of you, but he may feel like his head is close to beams above 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m not sure how high they actually are above the carts. But thunder mountain was one that really hurt my knees. When we hit a drop or come to a stop, my knees would slam into the cart, there is really no leg room, unfortunately. For the most part, the rest of the rides compensate for additional legroom. The only ride I can remember that goes over the shoulders is rockin roller coaster, so there may be an issue if you have a long torso, for me, the pull restraints sit rather snug against the top of my shoulders.

Chelsea Trahan

My husband is 6’9″ and has ridden all of the rides. He says Space(Mountain) is a tad uncomfortable but he’ll ride it again.


My friend is 6′ 6″ and space mountain is the worst. He has to sit in the front of the car & crunch his legs up into a pretzel to fit. Matterhorn also wasn’t great. But overall he makes it work.


My boyfriend is 6′ 8″ and can ride all the rides


My brother, dad, and husband are all over 6’8″. The shoulder restraints only come down one click on them because they are taller and then the restraint sits up pretty far off their chest. (Probably a good foot or so off their chest. It looks super crazy.) However, they have ridden all the rides at DCA and Disneyworld without a problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


Jay (6’7”) was too tall to ride a roller coaster at Six Flags – he hasn’t been turned away from any at Disneyland


My husband is 6’7, he can ride everything but it’s not always comfortable. Soaring has never been an issue, more so fantasy land rides and Matterhorn are the tightest fit for him. We have never been asked or height checked at Disney. There’s one ride at knott’s he is too tall for and he’s been height checked at universal Orlando for one of the roller coasters and was literally the limit


I know you can be too tall for Universal Florida’s rides. Someone in my party was too tall for Hagrids moterbike adventure. He didn’t have any issues at WDW though


Nope I used to work at rnr(Rockin Rollercoaster). Taller ppl sit on odd number rows since they have more room and as long as the harness clicks down once, they’re good to go!


My husband is 6′ 6″ and he has never had any issues being too tall. We have been to Disney probably a dozen times.

Katie Lott

No there’s no height restriction I work as a ride ops they usually sit taller in the back of a ride more space or have accommodations


I don’t know about ur park but at disney sea they didn’t let my friend who’s over 2m tall ride the roller coaster


My husband is 6′ 6″. While he has to definitely had to “fold himself up” on a few rides… he’s been able to go on everything.

Kristi Taylor

NBA players go to the park all the time. My brother even has a picture of Kobe on the Matterhorn which had to have been really uncomfortable for him but he fit somehow

Marianne Overson

A lot of basketball players go and get in rides so I’m assuming he will be fine to get on rides.


My husband and father in law at both 6’6” and 6’8”. You still can ride the rides, it is just a little bit of a tight squeeze especially in space mountain.

Aubryn Osiek

I’ve heard incredicoater due to the harness. My son is 6’5” and barely fit on space mtn. He was nervous and didn’t feel very secure.


My uncle is 6’9” and space is his favorite ride although he does admit to slouching because he gets nervous 😂😂😂😂 But there is nothing he hasn’t been able to ride and we have been going as a family for many many many years!

Laura Georgalas

I’m 6’5 and the only problem I had was FoP, my legs were an awkward angle on it but the braces clicked on eventually. Soarin’ was fine, Space Mountain was a squash (partner had the backpack so I had clear legroom). But overall think he’ll be fine!


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