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The Hottest Toys You Need For Your Kid’s Easter Basket This Year(2023)

*Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a paid partnership with Moose Toys but all opinions expressed are my own. 

Are you wondering what toys to get your kids in their Easter baskets? In this post, I will be sharing 5 of the hottest toys of 2023. Your kids are sure to love playing with any of these fun options. 

  1. Shopkins Real Littles – Snack Time

These snacks are so cute and fun. I love that they have not only the packaging but also the little toy food inside. I know my kids will have a blast playing with these Shopkins in their play kitchen. This new Range of Snacks has over 55 new Real Little figures to collect including desserts, candy, savory snacks, frozen foods, drinks and Slushies. 

  1. Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg

My boy had an absolute blast with this dino egg. I mean how could he not with dinosaurs, slime and buried treasure. We broke open the egg to discover a silicone shell filled with dinosaur parts and accessories covered in ooze. We had a blast playing in the slime and loved the dinosaur action figure we put together. The egg also includes a special tool to smash through the fossil(also included in the egg). Inside of the fossil covered in dino dust we found our gold dipped treasure. 

  1. Real Little Micro Crafts

These Micro Crafts from Real Little are so fun. We made a little glitter globe that really works. Everything you need to complete the crafts are included in the kits. There are 6 different DIY micro crafts to create and collect. 

  1. Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Glow Shifters

These glow shifters are so fun to squeeze and streeeetch. That is not all though they are filled with a core that when crushed activates their GLOW TRANSFORMATION.

For best results, you definitely want to charge the glow shifter in direct light before turning off the lights. We had a blast playing with the Glow Shifter with and without the lights on. 

  1. Little Live Pet’s Surprise Chick

We both guessed which color would hatch out of the egg and we were both wrong as it was the green egg that waddled out. This is such a fun toy as you get the simulation of a chick hatching from the egg, which by the way you can hatch your egg again and again. The chick’s texture feels realistic and it reacts to your touch. The more you pet your chick the happier it will be as it chirps and sings. 

As a dad, I really enjoyed all of these toys just as much as my kid did so I would highly recommend them. Which one do you think would be your favorite? You can shop for all these toys here.

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