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How To Make Free Time Productive and Enjoyable

How To Make Free Time Productive and Enjoyable

Free time. Something that not many of us have an abundance of, particularly in recent times. Whether it’s work, parenting, household chores, or just trying to keep up with friends and family, I don’t think it’s any surprise that we are all busy. Sometimes it can feel like doing something for yourself is bad, or that you aren’t doing enough if you are taking time to relax. I’ll save the talk about the necessity for having separate “you” time for another post, but if you are someone who feels like you always need to be doing something productive, here are some ways you can enjoy your free time and feel productive while doing it. 


If your to-do list includes things you need to do around the house, throwing on your favorite TV show or musical album while you fold laundry or wash dishes can make the task seem less painful while also giving you the opportunity to do something you enjoy. If you have kids who are old enough to help, make the task fun by turning on some music and dancing around while you stay productive!

Walk Your Dog

If walking your dog is on your to-do list, or if you find yourself feeling guilty for not getting your pup out for a walk as often as you should, this is a wonderful way to accomplish more than one thing at once! Getting your dog some exercise will cross that off your to-do list, but in the process, you are also getting yourself exercise. If you prefer a higher-intensity workout, you can jog with your dog or do lunges as you walk. The time you spend walking your pet is also a wonderful time to catch up with friends and family on the phone, or even make work calls if you’re able to. Throw in your headphones and get going. You’ll start to look forward to walking your dog each day!

Hire Professional Help

Believe me – I know the feeling of wanting to do everything yourself. The reality is that we’re only human and sometimes we need help! The added benefit to this is that hiring professional help for tasks on your to-do list will give you extra time to do things you enjoy. If you’re financially able to, hiring a housekeeper to help with chores around the house can save you so much time! If you have a move coming up or have heavy items to need delivered or removed from your home, hiring a moving company can save you time (as well as potential injuries from trying to move things yourself). Looking for help in Utah? Movin’ is a Utah-based moving company that has great reviews and can help free up some time for you, with peace of mind. They do it all from residential moving to packing and they are even professional Salt Lake City UT long distance movers, too.

Enjoy Family Time

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It’s no secret that while having a family is an amazing thing, it can sometimes be a lot of work! Between entertaining kids, making sure everyone is fed, getting people places on time, maintaining relationships with family members you don’t see every day, and trying to get some sleep in between, it can be overwhelming. When you start feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself the why behind what you do. You love these people! If a shirt ends up wrinkled, or a pizza is a little burnt, try to laugh it off and turn it into a good memory instead of stressing about being perfect. This time with your family will be much more enjoyable for you, as it should be!

Accept Being Unproductive

It sounds cliche, but life doesn’t have to be productive 100% of the time. The sooner you can appreciate that you do not have to always be productive, the more you can enjoy the little things in life like spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, eating a good meal, etc. without worrying about what you could be getting done instead. You only get one life, so enjoy it!

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