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Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

The most common question/request we get is asking for tips for taking tiny babies or toddlers to Disneyland. Hamm’s first trip to Disneyland was in October 2017 when he was a little less than 2 months old. Although he will never remember it, we took a lot of pictures and it is a memory we will never forget. We truly believe that you are never too young or too old to enjoy the magic of Disneyland.

So what all can a baby/toddler do at Disneyland? Are there even any rides they can go on? I think you will be surprised to hear that there is A LOT more they can do than can’t! For a complete list of attractions at Disneyland with no height requirement click here. Below are Beckham’s favorites at each park.

Hamm’s favorites at Disneyland Park

  1. “it’s a small world”
  2. Mad Tea Party (The Teacups)
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Winnie the Pooh
  5. Jungle Cruise

Hamm’s favorites at California Adventure

  1. Pixar Pal a Round- Non swinging gondolas (Note: The swinging gondolas can be a little too much for little ones)
  2. Midway Mania (Note: This ride is jerky, so I would recommend waiting till your little one can hold up their own head.)
  3. Monster’s, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  4. The Little Mermaid~Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
  5. Golden Zephyr (Note: Children must sit up on their own on this ride, no lap sitting)

As you can see there are a lot of fun things that the little ones can do. If you are still a little nervous here are a few quick tips for you.

Take it easy/take breaks and naps

If you have been to Disneyland before kids just be prepared because it is a lot different with a little one. Before Beckham, Rachel and I would be at the parks from rope drop until the parks closed. Now with Beckham, we have to incorporate nap times and the fact that sometimes we can’t do a full park day. I highly recommend bringing a stroller that reclines so they can nap in it. Some of our favorite places to hang at California Adventure while Hamm naps in his stroller are on Pixar Pier looking over the water and also along the trail to Grizzly River Run where it’s much quieter. At Disneyland we love grabbing a bench on Main Street. For a quieter spot we love relaxing over by Winnie the Pooh.

If your little one will not sleep in a stroller, I recommend staying at a nearby hotel so you can take them back for naps easily. One of our favorites is the Howard Johnson which is literally right across the street. For more great deals we always book our Disneyland vacations through GetAwayToday(Affiliate Link). You can use that link or use code “TOYSTORYDAD” for an additional discount. While you baby is napping it’s the perfect time to get some food or take turns riding the big kid rides using the single rider lines. Another great way to take breaks and cool off is to catch a show.

Take advantage of Rider Switch Pass and Single Rider

As fun as the little kid rides are Rachel and I can’t go to Disneyland without getting a few thrill rides in. Rachel and I are lucky that Hamm’s grandma comes to Disneyland with us a lot and she is not a fan of the thrill rides. This allows us to go on rides while she watches the Hamm. Another option I recommend is going with another family with small children so you can take turns watching the kids and riding the rides with your spouse. I know these ideas aren’t an option for everyone which is why I recommend taking advantage of rider switch pass and single rider lines.

The baby care centers are awesome

Disneyland and California Adventure both have amazing baby care centers. These are the perfect place to take care of diaper changes, outfit changes, feeding the baby, or if you just need a peaceful place to relax. The baby care centers are stocked with all of the supplies you could possibly need for your little one: diapers, wipes, food, formula, etc. So if you forget something, have no fear, you can get what you need at the baby care center at a reasonable price. The baby care center at Disneyland park is located at the North east end of main street by the photo print store. At California Adventure Park it is located right next to the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

Dad’s change the diapers

I apologize to all the fellow dads out there but having the guys change the diapers saves time. The ladies room in general is more crowded and more likely to have a line at the changing table. The chance there will be a line in the men’s room at the changing station is slim to none.

Bring or buy a bubble blower

Kids LOVE bubbles so having a bubble blower while waiting in line will make you a hero not only to your own kid but to all the other kids in line. The park sells all sorts of bubble blowers, however if you would like to save a significant amount of money you can find a great selection at Walmart, Target, Amazon or even Dollar Tree. Kids also LOVE all the fun light up toys offered at the parks. We try to pick up a few glow sticks and other light up toys at the dollar store to save money.

Bring snacks, lots of snacks

If your child is anything like Beckham, food is life! Yes, you can and SHOULD get some of the yummy Disney treats, but snacks like goldfish, pretzels, and applesauce pouches are A LOT cheaper outside of the park. Snacks save the day a lot when we are waiting in line. Don’t forget to keep yourself and your kiddos hydrated. Any stand that sells fountain drinks will give you a glass of ice water FOR FREE.

I always thought going to the parks with just Rach and I was so much fun, but really there’s nothing better than seeing Beckham enjoy the magic of Disneyland. These tips help us to have a smooth and great Disney day. I’d love to hear your favorite tips in the comments below.