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Am I too tall for Disneyland or Disney World?

With our little kids, we are always measuring and checking to see if they are tall enough to ride some of the big rides like Space Mountain. If you are looking for the minimum height requirements check out these guides I made for Disneyland and […]

Ride Height Requirements at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Theme Parks

Ride Height Requirements at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Theme Parks

So often I find myself Googling how tall Beckham has to be to ride certain rides at Disneyland. I CAN’T WAIT to take him on Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn! He has this fascination with Splash Mountain (soon to be Tiana’s) and I just […]

Disney Parks Trivia Questions and Answers

Disney Parks Trivia Questions and Answers

I have compiled several trivia questions and answers about the different Disney Theme Parks around the world. For a printable copy of these questions click here.

Before Walt Disney World got its name, what was it referred to as?

The Florida Project

What date did Disneyland open?

July 17, 1955

What is the fastest ride at Walt Disney World?

Test Track, Speeds up to 64.9 MPH

What is the monster inside the Matterhorn’s name?


What is Disney World’s Slogan?

The Most Magical Place on Earth

What is the most popular souvenir from Disneyland?

Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

How much was Adult Admission to Walt Disney World on opening day in 1971?


What does EPCOT stand for?

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

What is the fastest ride at Disneyland?

Splash Mountain, on the final drop you can reach speeds of up to 40MPH

What is the tallest ride at Walt Disney World?

Expedition Everest. 60.8 Meters 

What was the last attraction that Walt Disney personally supervised before his death?

Pirates of the Caribbean

What was the first international Disney park?

Tokyo Disney

What is special about all the plants in Tomorrowland at Disneyland?

They are all edible 

What year did Tokyo Disneyland open?


How long did the construction of Disneyland take?

1 year and one day

How many years later did Splash Mountain open in Walt Disney World after Disneyland opened Splash Mountain?

3 Years 1989- Disneyland vs 1992 Walt Disney World

Which Disney park does not have a Winnie the Pooh themed ride?

Disneyland Paris

How much did Disneyland cost to complete?

17 million which is equivalent to about 164 million today(2020). 

Which two Disney parks have an Alice in Wonderland themed maze?

Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disneyland

Which ride has the distinction of being placed in a different land in every Disney park that has it?

The Haunted Mansion. At Disneyland the haunted mansion is located in New Orleans Square; at the Magic Kingdom it’s in Liberty Square; at Tokyo Disneyland, it’s located in Fantasyland; while at Disneyland Paris it’s located in Frontierland

What is the name of the land you first enter in Shanghai Disneyland?

Mickey Avenue

Which Disney park does not have an It’s A small world ride?

Shanghai Disneyland

How many times has Walt Disney World been closed since it first opened? 

It has been closed 4 times. Hurricane Floyd closed the park in 1999. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001 closed the park as well as a 2002 power failure and finally the Covid-19 current shutdown. 

In Disneyland’s Fantasyland, there are two rides that have mermaids. Which two rides are they?

It’s a small world and peter pan

What is the most expensive Disney attraction?

Rise of the Resistance

What is buried within the castle at Disneyland?

A time capsule that will be opened on Disneyland’s 80th Anniversary

What is the oldest item in Disneyland?

A petrified tree that Walt gave Lilian for their anniversary

For more fun Disney trivia questions and answers, check out my Disney trivia page here.

Disneyland Inspired Mickey Pretzel Recipe

Disneyland Inspired Mickey Pretzel Recipe

Everything tastes better in Mickey form, right? Say hello to the yummiest, easiest Mickey pretzel recipe out there. These taste so delicious and they’ll make you feel like you’re at Disneyland sitting on Mainstreet, USA.  Ingredients To Make Mickey Shaped Pretzels 1 ½ c lukewarm […]

How We Budget For Disneyland Using Personal Capital

How We Budget For Disneyland Using Personal Capital

Note: This post was created as part of a paid sponsorship with Although this is a paid sponsorship, all opinions are my own and I have been a user of PersonalCapital for years.  If you know our family, you know that we LOVE Disneyland […]

Easy and Healthy Snacks to Pack for Disneyland

Easy and Healthy Snacks to Pack for Disneyland

This blog post is sponsored by Cuties!

I will be honest Disneyland has some of the most delicious snacks. They have churros, ice cream, pretzels, turkey legs, corn dogs, popcorn and so much more. However, the fact that most of these Disneyland snacks start at around $5.00 and just go up from there, eating these snacks all day can add up very quickly.

The good news is Disneyland Resort allows you to bring in outside food and drinks. So I highly recommend you bring a few of your own snacks to keep your stomach and wallet full, while still being able to enjoy a couple of the fun Disneyland Resort treats. If you would like to learn some ways to budget for a Disneyland trip check out this post I wrote about planning a trip to Disneyland.

So what snacks should you pack for Disneyland?

I have divided the snacks for Disneyland into those requiring no prep, no prep with a cooler and snacks that require a little big of prep time.

Disneyland snacks with no prep and no cooler needed

  • Cuties Oranges – Just grab, peel and enjoy. The best part is they are healthy for you.
  • Bananas – Another easy fruit to peel and enjoy.
  • Goldfish crackers – They even make Disney designs if you want to go all in on the Disney spirit.
  • Applesauce Pouches – These are a lot easier to eat for younger children than a whole apple. We always get the unsweetened kind so that there is less sugar.
  • Fruit Snacks – There are so many varieties to choose from so just find the kind your family likes best. Also, this is another snack that often has Disney designs.
  • Pretzels – Not as good as the yummy soft Disneyland pretzels but still a great salty snack.

Disneyland snacks with no prep but a cooler is required

  • Carrots/Celery – Perfect snacking veggies for the park. Pro Tip- If you love peanut butter like me you can buy little snack size peanut butter cups to dip your veggies in.
  • Grapes – An excellent fruit that when chilled tastes amazing on a hot day at the park.
  • Go-Gurt Portable Yogurts – Pretty high in sugar so definitely limit but great for a needed jolt of energy.
  • String Cheese – Excellent way to get some calcium into your day.

Disneyland snacks with a little prep required

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly/Honey Sandwiches – Classic lunchbox essential and they taste extra delicious at Disneyland.
  • Apples slices or other cut fruit – Some of the other fruits require more prep but cold fruit tastes so good during those warm summer days.

As you can see there are so many easy and delicious snacks you can pack for your day at Disneyland Resort. Packing a few of these snacks everyday will help you save some money that you can then use to buy more of the yummy treats Disneyland has to offer. Do you have a favorite snack to pack for Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below.

A special thanks to Cuties for sponsoring this blog post. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for more fun snack ideas.

Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

We are Annual Passholders to Disneyland from Utah. Because of this, we are often asked how we plan our trips. The secret really is in the planning ahead. There is nothing better than an impulse trip to Disneyland, but in reality, these trips do take […]

Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

Tips for Taking Your Tiny Baby or Toddler to Disneyland

The most common question/request we get is asking for tips for taking tiny babies or toddlers to Disneyland. Hamm’s first trip to Disneyland was in October 2017 when he was a little less than 2 months old. Although he will never remember it, we took […]

Disneyland Attractions with No Height Requirement

Disneyland Attractions with No Height Requirement

If you are looking for a list of attractions at Disneyland with no height requirement, you are in the right place. If you are looking for tips on taking a baby or toddler or Disney check out this post.

Disneyland Baby Friendly Attractions

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Haunted Mansion (can be scary for little ones but Beckham does GREAT on it)
  • The Disneyland Railroad
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Rafts to Tom Sawyer’s Island
  • Mark Twain River Boat
  • Sailing Ship Columbia
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Tarzan’s Treehouse
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
  • Snow White’s Scary Adventure
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • King Arthur’s Carrousel- You can sit and hold newborns on the benches on this ride. If your baby can sit up on their own, they can sit on a horse with you next to them.
  • Dumbo- Babies have to be able to sit up on this ride
  • Mad Tea Party (teacups)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Storybook Land Canal Boats
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Main Street Vehicles

Disneyland Entertainment

  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
  • Mickey and the Magical Map- Check the app for show times. This is one of our MOST FAVORITE shows at Disneyland! It is great place to take a break and relax and enjoy the shade.
  • Main Street Cinema
  • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Shows on Mainstreet- Dapper Dans and The Disneyland Band- We LOVE hanging out on Main Street and enjoying the fun music. One of our favorites is the Happiest March on Earth with Mickey and Friends.
  • Parades- Seasonal
  • Fireworks- Disneyland has season firework shows.They’re typically only on weekends during the slow seasons, but every night during summer and the holidays.
  • Fantasmic- The BEST viewing spot is on the ramp above Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Character meet n greets- Little ones love to explore Mickey’s house in Toontown!

Disney’s California Adventure Baby Friendly Attractions

  • The Little Mermaid~Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
  • Golden Zephyr- No lap riders are allowed on this ride so your baby must be able to sit up on their own
  • Pixar Pal-A-Round- Babies can go on either the Swinging Gondola Side or the Non-Swinging side (Beckham seems to enjoy non swinging more)
  • Red Car Trolley
  • Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • Toy Story Midway Mania- This one can be a bit jerky so it’s best not to take newborns on

DCA Entertainment

  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
  • Sorcerer’s Workshop
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Disney Junior Dance Party
  • DJ’s Dance ‘n Drive
  • Frozen- Live at the Hyperion
  • World of Color
  • Operation Playtime! Featuring the Green Army men from Toy Story
  • Animation Academy Building- This is a GREAT place to rest and cool off. There are huge screens surrounding you in this room always playing fun clips from your favorite Disney/Pixar shows (No strollers are allowed inside)