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25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney released Ralph Breaks the Internet on November 21, 2018. Ralph Breaks the Internet is also referred to sometimes as Wreck-it Ralph 2 as it is the sequel to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. How well do you know Ralph Breaks the Internet? Find out by trying […]

30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Luca

30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Luca

Disney and Pixar Released Luca directly to Disney+ on June 18, 2021, and it will be available on Digital and Blu-Ray on August 3rd. How well do you know Luca? Find out by trying to guess the right answers to all of the Luca trivia questions below. If you want even more Disney trivia make sure you check out my Disney trivia page that contains tons of trivia from all of your favorite Disney movies.

Luca opens with a song sung in what language?

Italian. The opening song in Luca is Un Baccio a Mezzanotte, which is an old Italian pop song which translates to english as “A Kiss at Midnight”

What is the fish’s name that Luca always has to get after when watching all of the fish?


Who says, “Monalisa, why are you smiling?”


What do Luca’s people call the humans at the beginning of the movie?

Land Monsters

Why does everyone think Bianca Branzino is so great?

Because of her prize-winning crabs and amazing dolphin impression. 

Who voices Luca’s Father, Lorenzo Paguro?

Jim Gaffigan, who is well known for his stand up comedy. It is also interesting that Luca’s mother, Daniela Paguro is also voiced by the comedic actress Maya Rudolph. I don’t think I could take either of them seriously as my parents let alone both of them. 

What did Luca name the rock statue he left in charge of the fish?


According to Alberto what is the greatest thing humans ever made?

The Vespa . Because you just sit on it and it takes you anywhere you want to go in the whole stinkin’ world”

What does the Vespa poster say in Alberto’s Tower?

“Vespa e liberta” or in English “Vespa is freedom”

Who is Bruno? 

Luca and Alberto’s inner voice that can be full of doubts and insecurities. Alberto teaches Luca to say “Silenzio Bruno!” This ends up being a huge part of the movie as Alberto helps Luca find himself. 

What 3 colors are Luca’s eyes?

Yellow, Brownish Orange and Black

What is the first thing Alberto says to the humans they encounter in “Vespa” town?

“What’s wrong with you stupido?” This is a phrase he heard a fisherman yell at a speed boat that scared away the fish. Luca then says it to a couple of ladies and they are not happy.

Who is the reigning champion of the Portorosso Cup?

Ercole Visconti 

The Portorosso Cup is a triathlon consisting of what three activities?

Swimming, cycling and eating pasta. I think eating pasta is the only part I could handle. 

Who first says “Santa Mozzarella” several times in Luca?

Giulia Marcovaldo

What is the nickname Ercole gives Giulia?

Spewlia, because in previous Portorosso Cup races she ended up getting sick and throwing up.

What does Alberto call the stars?

Fish. Giulia later teaches Luca that they are stars

Giulia has a plush next to her bed that looks just like what classic Disney Character?

Donald Duck

Why do Alberto and Luca start fighting?

Luca starts getting more interested in learning more about the human world with Giulia and visiting her school but Alberto just wants to win the Vespa and get away to see the world. 

What job are Luca’s parents given during the race?

They are supposed to hand out water cups, one for each kid. They are also given a mop to clean up after Giulia if she barfs.

Who brings Luca an umbrella when it starts raining during the bike portion of the Portorosso cup?

Alberto. Best friend coming to the rescue

Who else ended up being sea monsters in the human world?

The two old ladies that were eating gelato and Luca said to them “What’s wrong with you stupido”

What color is Giulia’s Beanie hat?


What is the number on Luca’s train ticket to go to Genova?

A113, of course. The classic Pixar number. 

Why does Alberto sell his Vespa?

To pay for Luca’s train ticket so he can go to school with Giulia.

What is the name of the cat in Luca?

Machiavelli, the cat is actually the first character in the human world to see that Alberto and Luca are sea monsters.

 Finish the quote: “Walking is just like swimming, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.”

but without fins or a tail. This is a quote from Alberto when he is trying to teach Luca how to swim.

Where can you spot the Pizza Planet truck in Luca?

The pizza planet comes in the form of a Piaggio Ape, which is a 3 wheeled vehicle made by the same company as a Vespa. The Pizza Planet reference can be seen during the bike chase seen near the end of the movie. Look closely because if you blink, you just might miss it. The timestam to see the Pizza Planet reference in Luca is 01:16:19.

Who said, “I don’t even know why dolphins sound like that? Why don’t they just talk?”

Luca’s Father, Lorenzo Paguro

What does Luca’s mom always say to him?

“Look me in the eye. You know I love you right?” It is really cute because at the end of the movie before Luca boards the train to Genova he looks at his mom and says “You know I love you right?”

How did you do? Hopefully, you were able to learn something new about Pixar’s Luca! If you enjoyed these trivia questions and are looking for more fun Disney Trivia, check out all of our Disney Trivia here.

Ride Height Requirments For Every Attraction at Walt Disney World Resort

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Ride Height Requirements at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Theme Parks

Ride Height Requirements at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Theme Parks

So often I find myself Googling how tall Beckham has to be to ride certain rides at Disneyland. I CAN’T WAIT to take him on Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn! He has this fascination with Splash Mountain (soon to be Tiana’s) and I just can’t wait to experience all these fun things with him. With him being so excited to ride all the big rides, we’ve been able to use it as a bargaining chip to get him to eat his fruits and veggies. I got him to eat a plateful of carrots because it would help his eyes see all the cool things in the rides. He also ate all of his dinners so he would grow tall enough to ride on Splash Mountain! I’d definitely call that a parenting win. 

I compiled a list of all the height requirements for an easy reference for anyone in a similar situation. All this info is available on the Disneyland App but I have it all organized for you here in one easy post! 

Ride Height Requirements for Disneyland

32 inches

Autopia- 32″ or taller must be accompanied by another rider 54″ or taller

35 Inches

Gadget’s Go Coaster

38 Inches

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

40 Inches

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain

Star Tours

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

42 Inches

Matterhorn Bobsleds

46 Inches

Indiana Jones

54 Inches

Autopia- to ride alone

Car's Land Toy Story Cars

Ride Height Requirements for Disney California Adventure Park

32 Inches

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

40 Inches

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Jumpin’ Jellyfish

Radiator Springs Racers

Silly Symphony Swings- in tandem seats only

Soarin’ Around the World

42 Inches

Goofy’s Sky School

Grizzly River Run

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- rock wall and zip line only

48 Inches


Silly Symphony Swings- single swings

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Beckham can safely go on these rides soon! It doesn’t help that he is only in the 5th percentile for height… 🤣 Regardless of his height, we are grateful he is continuing to grow and that he is healthy! Hopefully, we can all visit Disneyland again real soon!

Disneyland Height Requirement Chart
29 Pop Culture Villain Costume Ideas

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A Tech Loving Dad’s Review of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

A Tech Loving Dad’s Review of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Cubo Ai. I received a free Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission when you make a purchase through those links at no extra cost to you. If you would like to save money on your purchase of a Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor click here and use the code CUBOSTORY. 

As someone who works in IT/Software Development, you can say I am a bit of a tech nerd. It fascinates me to see all of the new and exciting technology companies are working on to make our lives easier and more efficient. The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor uses these advances in technology to help keep my babies safe and secure. When I saw the specs and features of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor, I knew I needed to get one and give it a try. Nothing is better than peace of mind knowing my babies are healthy and safe. 

I have been using the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor with my 10-month-old daughter for about a month now and in this post, I will be sharing my first impressions, thoughts, and overall review of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor. I will be talking about everything from setup to everyday use as well as comparing the Cubo Ai Plus against several other smart baby monitors, such as the Nanit and Smart Beat, I have used in the past. 

Setting up the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor 

The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is by far the easiest smart baby monitor I have set up so far. Unlike most other baby monitors that are mounted on the wall, the Cubo Ai comes with a floor stand to make the initial installation super simple. The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor includes everything you need to set for set up in the box and no tools are required for installation. 

The Cubo Ai Smart Beat Baby Monitor is super simple to set up

The Cubo Ai Plus comes with 3 setup options: Using the floor stand, attaching to the back of the crib, and a little stand that is great for use in a playroom or when traveling.

I chose to use the floor stand as our crib has a solid back and the setup was so simple. Setup took about 10-15 minutes including putting the pieces together and downloading the required Cubo Ai mobile application. The floor base includes a bag you fill with water to help stabilize it. All cords for the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor run inside of the tubes of the stand or crib mount so you can rest assured knowing your child can not accidentally get tangled in the monitor cord. Not only does that keep your baby safe, but it also makes the overall look super clean. 

Once you get the pieces put together and plug in your Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you will need to download the Cubo Ai mobile application on your smartphone. It requires that you create a secure login account and then it will walk you through the super simple setup including connecting it to the local wireless network, aka WiFi. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up, the app will show you everything you need to do. Overall, I just love how quick and easy it was to set up and that it didn’t require screwing into the wall I just recently patched and painted. 

My Favorite Features of the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor 

As you can see from the chart below, the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor is packed with every feature you could want in a baby monitor and more. Seriously so many features that make the Cubo Ai a tech lover’s dream. I am going to highlight a few of my favorites. 

Chart displaying all of the features of Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor compared to other traditional and smart baby monitors

Face Covered Alerts

The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is capable of monitoring and sending a lot of alerts through a mobile notification on your phone which you can turn on and off in the settings. It even has its own unique bird chirping sound to help you recognize easily when it is an alert coming from Cubo Ai. These alerts include Temperature, Humidity, Crying, Danger-Zone, Rollover, and Covered Face. 

The most important for me is definitely the Covered Face Alert. Our 3-year-old little boy loves to sneak into the baby’s room when she is taking a nap and “share” all sorts of toys and stuffed animals with her. As you know, anything in a baby’s crib could potentially be hazardous and make it difficult for a baby to breathe. It gives us extra peace of mind knowing that we will be alerted anytime this happens or her face is covered for some other reason. 

*One thing to note is that if your infant is a tummy sleeper like our little girl is often, you will get a lot of face covered alerts. Don’t worry though, you can easily adjust this alert in the settings. 

Automatic Photo Capture

As an Instagram dad, and just a modern parent these days, I take A LOT of pictures of my kids trying to capture all of the fun memories and moments and they learn and grow. The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor gives you the option to snap a picture or record a video clip in the app using the camera on the monitor. This is great if your baby is doing something cute but going into their room would either wake them up or make them stop. 

However, that’s not all. The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor also has a feature called the Automatic Photo Capture that will automatically take pictures throughout the day and night of your child when it thinks (Artificial Intelligence at work) there is a moment worth capturing. Obviously, this feature is not perfect, and not every picture it decides to take on its own is going to be Instagram worthy, but it is still a really cool and fun feature that has captured some cute moments of my little baby girl. 

This image was captured automatically by Cubo Ai and made me laugh

Sleep Analytics

The Cubo Ai Plus Baby Monitor comes with 1 year free of the Premium which includes a 30-day history of analytics. It also has 18-hours of video playback so you can look back and see exactly what happened. This is useful when we are trying to check if our little girl woke up on her own or if our little boy snuck into her room and woke her up.

My favorite part is the nighttime sleep detection and analytics. It will show you when your baby fell asleep and woke up as well as all of the events in the middle of the night from crying, parent visits, and movement. This has been great to analyze as we have recently been sleep training both of our kids. Side note if you haven’t sleep trained your kids yet, it is not too late and I highly recommend it. It is a game-changer! 

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor Sleep Analytics Example

My final thoughts on the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Overall, the Cubo Ai Plus is an amazing smart baby monitor and compared to both the Nanit and Smart Beat monitors, it has been the easiest to set up, use, and has also been the most reliable. One thing that really excites me is that the Cubo Ai team is constantly working on pushing updates and new features. For example, recently they just released via a mobile app update, the ability to play lullabies on your Cubo Ai Plus. This feature also includes white noise and other sounds so you are sure to find something your child will enjoy. 

Screenshot of Lullaby feature in Cubo Ai Plus mobile app

One other cool feature that the team is working on that I am super excited for is smart home connectivity. We recently connected our entire house with Amazon Alexa and soon anyone with a Cubo Ai Plus will be able to connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

Obviously, you can find cheaper and simpler baby monitors on the market but if you are looking for an easy to set up and use a smart baby monitor that includes all of the bells and whistles, then the Cubo Ai Plus is a great choice. If you would like to save money on your purchase of a Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby monitor click here and use code CUBOSTORY at checkout. 

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

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