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DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

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Dad’s Review of the Rad Wagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes

Dad’s Review of the Rad Wagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes

This post is sponsored by Rad Power Bikes. They provided me with a Rad Wagon to create this content. However, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I have been riding my Rad Wagon 4 electric cargo bike for two months and […]

Inspirational Quotes and Lessons Learned from Disney’s Cruella

One of my favorite things about Disney movies is that they always have a great message and some lessons we can take away and apply to our own lives. Even though Disney’s Cruella is a movie about one of the greatest and some might say most evil villains of all time, it is packed with tons of great inspirational quotes and lessons. In this post, I will be sharing a few of my favorites from the film. If you are looking for funny quotes from Disney’s Cruella I have a post for that too.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers of the movie so continue at your own risk.

“A new day brings new opportunities” – Cruella

Cruella said after her mother died, “Sad story. Genius girl turns into stupid girl who gets her mother killed, and ends up alone. But a new day brings new opportunities or at least a couple of petty thieves. Horace and Jasper.” I think it is important to remember to be grateful for each new day of life we are given. We should focus on the future and the new opportunity we are given to become the person we want to be and do the things we want to do. Each new day will bring its challenges but with them will come new and exciting adventures.

“From the very beginning, I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that, but I wasn’t for everyone.” – Cruella

One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is that no matter what you do you can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like you. This is personally hard for me because I am a people pleaser and just try to be nice to everyone. Just know that you need to be your true self and not change to please others. Not everyone will appreciate it but the important people around you will and that is what truly matters. Most important though is that you will be happy being you.

“But as good as things were, I felt I was meant for more in this life. I just didn’t know what” – Cruella

Let me preface this by saying first and most importantly it is important for us to look for the good in every situation and count our blessings. We will be happier in life if we can find the positive things in our current state in life. That being said I also think it is very important that we aren’t complacent. We should always be striving to progress in life and reach new heights. Our potential is far greater than we can possibly imagine and we will never reach it if we stop trying to stretch ourselves.

“Cruella was in a box a long time, now Estella can be the one who makes guest appearances!” -Cruella

Similar to the previous quote, sometimes because of the judgments we receive from others, it is hard to embrace who we really are or who we are trying to become. Horace and Jasper, Estella’s best friends did not even like Cruella at first but eventually, they were able to get along.

“From an early age I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else.” – Cruella

If you think about all of the great people of history, they probably saw the world differently than most. Jeff Bezos saw the future of bookstores and turned it into a billion-dollar e-commerce enterprise. Elon Musk has sometimes crazy dreams for the future of transportation and energy. Walt Disney had a crazy idea for a theme park but yet look at the success of Disneyland. Thinking or being different isn’t a bad thing but instead will help us fulfill our purpose during our life.

“I’m not like her, I’m better.” – Cruella

This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie. Cruella is comparing herself to her birth mother, the Baroness. Cruella, although a villain, proves to not be as evil as her mother. Although I don’t think we should compare ourselves with others, I think we should compare our current selves with our past selves and hopefully, we can say the same. Am I better than me a day, week, or even years ago? If not, what can I do today to be better!

“It’s funny how those happy accidents can change the whole direction of your life.” – Cruella

Cruella had a rough childhood but look at how strong, talented, and driven she became because of those challenges. I have noticed that in my life when an accident happens or a door closes it always seems to work out for the best. After being let go from one job, I was able to find an even better opportunity. I think we can all recall times in our lives when an “accident” turned into a great opportunity. In the end, it comes down to how we choose to react to life.

“You can’t care about anyone else. Everyone else is an obstacle. You care what an obstacle wants or feels you’re dead. If I cared about any one or thing I might have died like so many brilliant women with a drawer full of unseen genius and a heart full of sad bitterness.” – Baroness

The baroness really is an evil person but I think her point is somewhat valid. No, we shouldn’t push people off a cliff if they are an obstacle, but we shouldn’t let anything or anyone prevent us from reaching our dream. It’s often said that we are a reflection of the people we hang around the most, so if those people are obstacles from you reaching your potential maybe we should limit our associations with them. Do you ever wonder how many people had life or world-changing ideas that took them to the grave because they were too scared to try? Sad to think about.

I hope you enjoyed these inspirational quotes from Disney’s Cruella. Did you notice any that I missed? What is your favorite lesson learned from Disney’s Cruella.

Disney’s Cruella is now streaming on Disney+ and is also available for purchase on Blu-Ray and digital.

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Funniest Quotes from Disney’s Cruella

Disney released Cruella to Premiere access on Disney+ and theaters on May 28, 2021, and it will be available on Digital and Blu-Ray on September 21, 2021. Disney’s Cruella is a live-action film that shares the back story of the famous villain Cruella de Vil […]

30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Cruella

30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Cruella

Disney released Cruella to Premiere access on Disney+ and theaters on May 28, 2021, and it will be available on Digital and Blu-Ray on September 21, 2021. Disney’s Cruella is a live-action film that shares the back story of the famous villain Cruella de Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. It is such an amazing movie and one of our family favorites. If you love it as much as we do, see how many of the Cruella trivia questions you can answer. If you want even more Disney trivia make sure you check out my Disney trivia page that contains tons of trivia from all of your favorite Disney movies.

Which actress plays Cruella?

Emma Stone

What is unique about the opening castle scene?

It is black and white and the Disney logo is in Red Text

Disney's opening castle logo variant

Who is Estella’s friend in school?

Anita Darling

What does Estella name her puppy?


Where does Estella find her puppy Buddy?

In the dumpster at school after some bullies throw her in. 

What is the name of Horace and Jasper’s Dog?


How does Estella first get her designing experience?

Designing and sewing disguises for their thieving operations. She originally learned from her mother.

What is Estella supposed to say when they ask “How do you know Prince Charles”?

“It’s a polo thing”

What is the most fashionable department store in London?

Liberty, this is where Estella gets her first real job. Although, it’s just a janitor position scrubbing floors and toilets. 

What color does Estella dye her hair to get rid of the black and white Cruella look? 


What makes the Baroness want to hire Estella?

The window display she rearranges at the Liberty store

What is the name of the store where Arty works?

2nd Time Around

What is the name of the Baroness’s lawyer?


How long is the Baroness’s power nap?

9 Minutes

In what city does most of Disney’s Cruella take place?

London, England

Where is the fountain Estella goes throughout the movie to talk to her deceased mother?

Estes Park, they were originally supposed to drive there and have tea before her mother died. 

What event do Horace, Jasper, and Estella try and steal back her mom’s necklace?

The Black and White Ball, the biggest party of the season. 

What disguise do Horace and Jasper use at the black and white ball?

Bug extermination workers, pest control

How many dalmatians does the Baroness have?


What is the stage of grief Cruella adds?

Revenge… list the others as well.

Where does Anita Darling work?

The London Editorial

Fashion Fact: The pinnacle of every fashion year is….

The Spring Collection

What are the three things the baroness loves most?

Her Business, Her Status, Her Confidence

Where do Horace and Jasper steal the dalmatians?

Roscoes, the dog spa and pet groomer

What does Cruella often call Horace and Jasper?


Who saves Cruella from the fire?

John, the Baroness’s loyal valet. He even finds her mother’s necklace in the fire and gives it to her. 

What is so special about the necklace Cruella wants to steal back from the Baroness?

It has a key that unlocked a Jewerly box containing the evidence(birth certificate that Estella is the daughter of the baroness and is the rightful heir of the Barron’s fortune.

Who said, “I’m not like her, I’m better!” 


Where does Cruella’s last name, De Vil, come from?

It comes from the type of car she drives, the Panther De Ville.

Image result for cruella's last name after car?

What happens in the after-credit scene?

Roger and Anita each get a Dalmatian puppy. 

How did you do? Hopefully, you were able to learn something new about Disney’s Cruella! If you enjoyed these trivia questions and are looking for more fun Disney Trivia, check out all of our Disney Trivia here.

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25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

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30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Luca

30 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Luca

Disney and Pixar Released Luca directly to Disney+ on June 18, 2021, and it will be available on Digital and Blu-Ray on August 3rd. How well do you know Luca? Find out by trying to guess the right answers to all of the Luca trivia questions below. If you want even more Disney trivia make sure you check out my Disney trivia page that contains tons of trivia from all of your favorite Disney movies.

Luca opens with a song sung in what language?

Italian. The opening song in Luca is Un Baccio a Mezzanotte, which is an old Italian pop song which translates to english as “A Kiss at Midnight”

What is the fish’s name that Luca always has to get after when watching all of the fish?


Who says, “Monalisa, why are you smiling?”


What do Luca’s people call the humans at the beginning of the movie?

Land Monsters

Why does everyone think Bianca Branzino is so great?

Because of her prize-winning crabs and amazing dolphin impression. 

Who voices Luca’s Father, Lorenzo Paguro?

Jim Gaffigan, who is well known for his stand up comedy. It is also interesting that Luca’s mother, Daniela Paguro is also voiced by the comedic actress Maya Rudolph. I don’t think I could take either of them seriously as my parents let alone both of them. 

What did Luca name the rock statue he left in charge of the fish?


According to Alberto what is the greatest thing humans ever made?

The Vespa . Because you just sit on it and it takes you anywhere you want to go in the whole stinkin’ world”

What does the Vespa poster say in Alberto’s Tower?

“Vespa e liberta” or in English “Vespa is freedom”

Who is Bruno? 

Luca and Alberto’s inner voice that can be full of doubts and insecurities. Alberto teaches Luca to say “Silenzio Bruno!” This ends up being a huge part of the movie as Alberto helps Luca find himself. 

What 3 colors are Luca’s eyes?

Yellow, Brownish Orange and Black

What is the first thing Alberto says to the humans they encounter in “Vespa” town?

“What’s wrong with you stupido?” This is a phrase he heard a fisherman yell at a speed boat that scared away the fish. Luca then says it to a couple of ladies and they are not happy.

Who is the reigning champion of the Portorosso Cup?

Ercole Visconti 

The Portorosso Cup is a triathlon consisting of what three activities?

Swimming, cycling and eating pasta. I think eating pasta is the only part I could handle. 

Who first says “Santa Mozzarella” several times in Luca?

Giulia Marcovaldo

What is the nickname Ercole gives Giulia?

Spewlia, because in previous Portorosso Cup races she ended up getting sick and throwing up.

What does Alberto call the stars?

Fish. Giulia later teaches Luca that they are stars

Giulia has a plush next to her bed that looks just like what classic Disney Character?

Donald Duck

Why do Alberto and Luca start fighting?

Luca starts getting more interested in learning more about the human world with Giulia and visiting her school but Alberto just wants to win the Vespa and get away to see the world. 

What job are Luca’s parents given during the race?

They are supposed to hand out water cups, one for each kid. They are also given a mop to clean up after Giulia if she barfs.

Who brings Luca an umbrella when it starts raining during the bike portion of the Portorosso cup?

Alberto. Best friend coming to the rescue

Who else ended up being sea monsters in the human world?

The two old ladies that were eating gelato and Luca said to them “What’s wrong with you stupido”

What color is Giulia’s Beanie hat?


What is the number on Luca’s train ticket to go to Genova?

A113, of course. The classic Pixar number. 

Why does Alberto sell his Vespa?

To pay for Luca’s train ticket so he can go to school with Giulia.

What is the name of the cat in Luca?

Machiavelli, the cat is actually the first character in the human world to see that Alberto and Luca are sea monsters.

 Finish the quote: “Walking is just like swimming, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.”

but without fins or a tail. This is a quote from Alberto when he is trying to teach Luca how to swim.

Where can you spot the Pizza Planet truck in Luca?

The pizza planet comes in the form of a Piaggio Ape, which is a 3 wheeled vehicle made by the same company as a Vespa. The Pizza Planet reference can be seen during the bike chase seen near the end of the movie. Look closely because if you blink, you just might miss it. The timestam to see the Pizza Planet reference in Luca is 01:16:19.

Who said, “I don’t even know why dolphins sound like that? Why don’t they just talk?”

Luca’s Father, Lorenzo Paguro

What does Luca’s mom always say to him?

“Look me in the eye. You know I love you right?” It is really cute because at the end of the movie before Luca boards the train to Genova he looks at his mom and says “You know I love you right?”

How did you do? Hopefully, you were able to learn something new about Pixar’s Luca! If you enjoyed these trivia questions and are looking for more fun Disney Trivia, check out all of our Disney Trivia here.

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