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DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

DIY Squid Game Family Costumes

If you haven’t seen the hit Netflix series Squid Game, I’m sure you have at least heard about it. Netflix released the Squid Game series on September 17, 2021, and it immediately became a viral sensation becoming Netflix’s most-streamed show, EVER!!! With the success of the series you can bet A LOT of people are going to use Squid Game as their Halloween costume theme this year and for many years to come. Although this show, definitely is NOT family-friendly, I repeat, do not watch this with your kids. Squid Game does make a great family costume. In this post, I will be showing you how to create super easy, no sewing required DIY Squid Game family costumes.

Netflix reached out to me at the beginning of October and said they needed a family to create some content for them and they needed it done in less than 2 weeks. The fact we were able to pull this off goes to show just how easy this costume is. I will include links to everything you need(note: when you purchase using these links, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you that helps us create more awesome content like this. So THANK YOU!) Let’s get started!

Squid Game Red Light Green Light Doll Costume

Red Light/Green Light Doll Costume

We will start with the easiest costume. If you have watched the first episode or even seen the trailer for Squid Game, you are probably scared of this robot character. We decided to put a cute twist on the character with this super easy costume. The best part about this costume is you literally don’t have to make anything. Just buy the clothes and get dressed. Our daughter Scarlett made a great model for this costume.

Here is what you will need for the red light green light doll costume:

Squid Game Pink Guard Costume

Pink Soldier/Guard Costume

This guard costume is a little more difficult than the red light green light doll but is still super simple. In the series, the guards are always wearing their masks but we decided to use beanies and not cover our faces to make it a little more family-friendly. We created the triangle and square shapes for the beanie using white Gorilla Tape. We really like to work with gorilla tape because it is thicker, sticks better, and holds its shape more than ordinary Duck tape. I have also noticed that you can peel it off the clothing and no noticeable residue is left behind.

Once you create the shapes on the beanies, the hardest part is done. Simply cut out a thick strip of black felt to be the belt and safety pin it in the back. And there you have it, you are now a Pink Guard. One thing to note is that there are lots of great Pink Jumpsuits that might match the color better from the show. However, the ones I used were the best deal that could arrive on time to meet the deadline.

Here is what you will need for the Squid Game Guard Costume:

Squid Game Player Costume for Kids

Squid Game Player Costume

So creating the Squid Game player costume is definitely a little more time-consuming than the previous two costumes but could still be done in less than an hour. The first step is to use white Gorilla Tape to add stripes to the arms and legs of the green clothing. Gorilla tape sticks really well to the fabric. Depending on the size of the clothing being used you may be able to use the standard width of the tape or you may need to trim the strips of tape for the stripes.

The trickiest part is cutting the numbers out of the tape. Once you get the numbers cut out you can add them to the chest of the green clothing. We chose to do numbers 001 for Oh Il-nam and 456 for Lee Jung-jae, two of the main characters and players of Squid Game.

For the green clothing, we used pieces from We love for our costumes because they have tons of basic clothing in all the colors with NO graphics, logos, text, etc. If you use code TOYSTORYDAD you can get 20% off + FREE SHIPPING on your first order from I also found out that has the Spruce color in Adult sizes if you want the adults to be the players. If you are interested here are the exact pieces we ordered for our players: clothing for Squid Game Player Costume

Here is what you will need for the Squid Game Player Costume:

I hope this quick walkthrough of how to create family costumes inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game was helpful. I can’t wait to see if people use our pictures and this article as inspiration to create a fun family costume. If you do make sure to tag @toystorydad on Instagram so I can see your awesome costumes. If there is another Family costume you would like to see done, let me know in the comments.

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