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29 Pop Culture Villain Costume Ideas

29 Pop Culture Villain Costume Ideas

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by and they provided the clothing to create all of the awesome costumes. Use code TOYSTORYDAD for 20% off + FREE shipping on your first order at This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase anything through these links I receive a small commission that helps support this channel and allows us to continue making content like this.

In 2018 we started a new tradition called Hamm’s Happy Haunts. We dressed our son Beckham aka Hamm as 31 Disney Villains. A new handmade costume every day in October. This year we decided to continue the tradition but expand to pop culture villains in general.

For this year, 2020, we only did a new costume every weekday. However, with our new daughter Scarlett joining in on the fun, there were still a lot of costumes to make. All costumes were made by my amazingly talented wife Rachel. Make sure to check out @toystorydad on Instagram to see all of the fun costumes we create.

We are also excited to announce that this year Hamm’s Happy Haunts was sponsored by They provided all of the clothing for the base of these costumes. is our go-to place for costumes because all of their clothing is free of logos, graphics, and phrases. They also have any color you would ever need. If you use the code TOYSTORYDAD at you will get 20% off + FREE shipping on your first order.

This post contains pictures and or videos of the costumes as well as the materials we used to create each costume. (Note: We will be adding to this post throughout the month as we post the pictures on Instagram. We don’t want to ruin the surprise.) We hope these pop-culture villain costume ideas inspire you to create something similar.

Regina George – Mean Girls

Regina George - Mean Girls Costume

This Regina George costume was created with a pink dress that was separated into a cardigan with added buttons and a mini skirt. We used iron-on vinyl to add the text “A little bit Dramatic” to the tank top. We also added some stick-on bling to the collar of the tank top. We added pink shoes and a blonde wig to complete the look. To create this Mean Girl’s DIY costume you will need:

Tom Nook – Animal Crossing

We actually created a full tutorial for the Tom Nook costume on YouTube.

Drizella and Anastasia (wicked step sisters) – Cinderella

To make these Drizella and Anastasia costumes inspired by Disney’s Cinderella we started with two dresses and added some extra fabric to create a chest piece and a longer skirt. We then added a bow and headpiece. The materials you will need for these Cinderella inspired costumes are:

Vector – Despicable Me

Vector from Despicable Me Costume

To create this Vector costume we used an orange jacket and sweat pants and added a strip of white gorilla tape. We created a collar out of orange and white felt and then added a wig and glasses to complete the look. The materials you will need for this Despicable Me inspired costume are:

  • Orange Jacket
  • Orange Sweatpants
  • Wig
  • Glasses
  • Squid Gun(Optional) Unfortunately they don’t sell these anywhere. Luckily for us my mom has an awesome Despicable Me collection

Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

We actually created a full tutorial for the Cruella de Vil costume on YouTube.

King Pig(King Smooth Cheeks)- Angry Birds

King Pig - Angry Birds Costume

This King Pig look is a no sew costume and you can find the full DIY instructions and a list of materials needed here.

Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

We actually created a full tutorial for the Cruella de Vil costume on YouTube.

Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin – Tiger King

For the Joe Exotic costume, we added some fun shiny fabric to a black shirt with hot glue. Carole Baskin’s costume was just a shirt we found at a thrift store in a bigger size and sewed it into a baby size shirt. We then made a flower crown. For Joe we added a few hair extensions in the back to create the mullet look. The materials you will need for this Tiger King inspired costume are:

  • Baby Jeans
  • Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Khaki Pants
  • Shiny Rainbow Fabric
  • Floral/Leopard Print Fabric or old shirt to create Carole Baskin’s Top
  • Hair extensions or mullet wig
  • Sunglasses
  • Wire/pipe cleaners & fake flowers to create floral crown

Angelica – Rugrats

Angelica Costume - Rugrats

For a full tutorial on this Angelica costume inspired by the classic cartoon Rugrats, click here.

Hamburglar – McDonalds

Some people might be too young to remember the classic McDonalds villain, the Hamburglar. Since our little guy’s nickname is Hamm we knew we had to create this Hamburglar costume. The materials you will need for this Hamburglar costume are:

  • Black Paint
  • Brown Felt
  • Tan Felt
  • Red Felt
  • Red Knit Gloves
  • Black Felt
  • Yellow Felt
  • Elastic
  • Thin Cardboard(Such as a cereal box)
Hamburglar Costume
  1. Create a top hat out of black felt and thin cardboard to reinforce it. Add a strip of yellow felt around the base of the hat.
  2. Create an eye mask out of black felt. Use elastic to keep it on your child’s face.
  3. Cut out red felt into a tie shape and glue on hamburgers made out of tan and brown felt.
  4. Paint black stripes onto the PJ Top and Bottoms.

Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter

Where are all my Harry Potter fans at? If you know you Harry Potter you despise Dolores Umbridge, although this costume turned out so cute it may be hard to hate her. To create this Dolores Umbridge costume you will need the following materials:

  • (Rose) Knit Long Sleeve Dress
  • (Petal) The Baby Cardi
  • Light Pink Felt
  • Pink Shoes
  • Pink Purse(Optional: You could also make it out of felt)
Dolores Umbridge Costume
  1. The only thing you have to make for this Dolores Umbridge costume is the hat. Simply just make a cylinder shape out of felt. Then just add details out of the same felt. Cut little rectangles and combine them together to make the criss-cross flower-like shapes and glue a bunch all over the hat.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz & Perry the Platypus – Phineas and Ferb

If you have ever watched Phineas and Ferb on Disney channel, you will love this costume. We actually ordered the Perry the Platypus costume on Amazon but to create the Dr. Doofenshmirtz costume you will need these materials:

  • White Lab Coat
  • Optional: Perry the platypus Costume for sibling or pet
Dr. Doofenshmirtz Costume
  1. Just get dressed in the black shirt and olive pants and throw the white lab coat on over everything.

Evil Queen – Snow White

The Evil Queen from Snow White is one of my favorite costumes we did this year. To create this Evil Queen costume you will need the following materials:

  • Yellow Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Black Fabric
  • White Felt
  • White Fur
  • Goldish Brown Rope
  • Gold Glitter Glue
  • Red Felt
  • Gray Felt
Evil Queen from Snow White Costume


  1. Cut a crown out of yellow felt and add gold glitter glue to the edges.
  2. Create a necklace out of grey, yellow and red felt. 
  3. Create a cape out of black fabric and line the bottom with white fur
  4. Create a dramatic collar out of white felt and attach it to the cape at the neckline
  5. Create a head covering out of black felt.
  6. Tie the rope around the waist with the knot and ends at the front of the dress.

Biff Tannen – Back to the Future

“McFly!!!!” – Biff Tannen. To create this Back to the Future inspired costume you will need these materials:

  • Silver Tie
  • White Fabric Marker


  1. Add stripes and square details to the silver tie with a white fabric marker
  2. Just get dressed and enjoy

Mother Gothel – Disney’s Tangled

“Mother knows best!!!” To create this Mother Gothel costume you will need:

  • Gold Ribbon
  • Fancy Gold Ribbon
  • Gold Ring
  • Dark Red Ribbon
  • Sparkly Gold Ribbon
  • Maroon Fabric Marker
  • Velcro
  • Wig
Mother Gothel Costume Inspired by Disney's Tangled


  1. Start with the dark red ribbon and glue the gold ribbon on top, then the fancy gold ribbon right down the middle. 
  2. Glue the ribbon layers on the neckline of the dress.
  3. Create a belt out of the ribbon layers and the gold ring. Note: You will want some of the excess to hang towards the ground. You can just use velcro to make it easy to take on and off.
  4. Add sparkly gold ribbon to the ends of the sleeves. You can also cut them at an angle to create the big sleeve look. 
  5. Draw details into the dress with a fabric marker. (Warning: this part will take a while)
  6. Optional: Add A wig.

Chick Hicks – Pixar’s Cars

“Ka-chicka, ka-chicka!” Here is what you will need to create this awesome Chick Hicks Costume:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Green Spray Paint
  • Black Posterboard
  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • White Paint
  • White Paper
  • Printer
  • White Gorilla Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
Chick Hicks Costume Inspired by Pixar's Cars


  1. Create the car shape using cardboard and a hot glue gun.
  2. Spray paint the entire car green
  3. Add wheels out of black poster board, yellow construction paper, and white paint for the “lightyear” brand.
  4. Add eyes with white paper and black poster board.
  5. Add a mustache out of black poster board
  6. Print the logos(just search google), cut out, and glue all over the car. The more the better because Chick Hicks has a lot of stickers. 
  7. Add straps to the car using white gorilla tape stuck to itself and attached on the front and back windshield of the car. This will keep the car up on the child’s shoulders.

Count Rugen – The Princess Bride

“Stop saying that” If you love The Princess Bride, you will love this Count Rugen costume. To bring this costume to life you will need:

  • Gold fabric marker
  • Black fabric
  • Black Felt
  • White puffy paint


  1. Cut the sleeves off the brown top to create a vest.
  2. Add gold vertical stripes to the vest with a fabric marker.
  3. Sew two gloves out of the black fabric. Make sure to have 6 fingers on one of the gloves.
  4. Create a belt out of black felt and add white stripes to the top and bottom with the puffy paint.

Claude Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Claude Frollo is definitely one of the purest evil when it comes to Disney villains. If you would like to create this Claude Frollo costume you will need:

  • Purple Fabric
  • Black Fabric
  • Purple Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Red Felt
  • Red Gems
  • Cardstock
  • Thin Red Ribbon
  • Thick Red Ribbon (for the back of the hat)
Claude Frollo Costume from The Hunchback of Notre Dame


  1. Create a rectangle chest piece out of card stock that is about 4 inches past each shoulder. At the back of the rectangle cut a slit and opening for the neck.
  2. Cover the card stock with black felt.
  3. Create a small bib out of purple felt and glue it to the chest piece.
  4. Line the top of the purple bib with a thin red ribbon.
  5. Add stripes of red felt to each side of the black chest piece.
  6. Glue two red gems to the black chest piece below the purple bib.
  7. Create cape sleeves out of black fabric and glue them to the existing sleeves on the dress. 
  8. Add a strip of purple fabric to the bottom of the dress and the end of each sleeve.
  9. For the hat cut, two triangle pieces of purple felt, one slightly larger than the other.
  10. Glue the edges of the larger purple felt triangle to the edges of the smaller purple triangle. You will need to bunch the larger triangle at the seams. 
  11. Cut a circular hole out of the bottom triangle. (This is where the child’s head will go)
  12. Add five black felt stripes diagonally to the top of the hat. They will meet in the middle of the hat. 
  13. Line the side of each black felt stripe with a thin red ribbon. 
  14. Glue one end of a thick red ribbon to the top center of the hat. 
  15. Cut and glue a circle of black felt to the top center of the hat.

Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

To create this Queen of Hearts costume you will need:

  • (Black) Long Sleeve Dress
  • White Fur
  • Red Fabric
  • Yellow Posterboard
  • Elastic
  • White Felt
  • Yellow Felt
  • Black Fabric
  • Red Felt
  • Red Paint
  • Wooden Dowel
Queen of Hearts Costume from Alice In Wonderland


  1. Add checkered stripes out of yellow felt to the skirt part of the black dress.
  2. Add a flap of black fabric to the left side of the skirt. 
  3. Add a flap of red fabric to the right side of the skirt. 
  4. Line the side and bottom of both flaps with a stip of white fur.
  5. Add a red chest piece out of red fabric to the left side of the dress.
  6. Add a sleeve out of red fabric covering the existing right sleeve.
  7. Create a dramatic collar out of white felt and attach the bottom to the back neck of the dress.
  8. Create a crown out of yellow poster board and glue a piece of elastic to help keep it on your child’s head. 
  9. Optional: Create a staff by painting a dowel red and gluing a red felt heart to the end.

Shock, Lock & Barrel – The Nightmare Before Christmas

“Kidnap the Sandy Claws, beat him with a stick, lock him up for ninety years, see what makes him tick.”

Shock, Lock and Barrel Costumes Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas


Materials Needed:

  • Green craft foam
  • Purple felt to match the dress
  • Dark purple felt
  • Elastic
  • Black marker


  1. Scallop strips of dark purple felt and attach to the bottom of the dress as well as the end of the sleeves. 
  2. Create a witch hat out of the light(dress colored) felt. 
  3. Add a strip of dark purple felt around the base of the hat.
  4. Cut the mask shape out of the green craft foam. Glue triangles together to make the nose 3D. Draw a frowny face with a black marker.
  5. Add elastic to the mask to help keep it on your child’s face. 


Materials Needed:

  • Red craft foam
  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Elastic
  • Red felt


  1. Create a devil tail out of red felt and attach it to the red joggers.
  2. Cut the mask shape out of the red craft foam. Glue foam triangles together to make the nose 3D. Add a mouth shape with black paper and teeth with white paper.
  3. Add elastic to the mask to help keep it on your child’s face.


Materials Needed:

  • White craft foam
  • Black marker
  • White felt


  1. Cut bones out of white felt and attach them in a skeleton shape to the sweatpant and sweatshirt.
  2. Create a mask out of white craft foam. Add nose and teeth details with a black marker. 
  3. Add elastic to the mask to help keep it on your child’s face.

Janice – Friends

“Oh my…. Gosh” To create this costume inspired by Janice from Friends you will need:

  • Leopard print fur
  • Statement necklace
  • Brown hair wig
Janice Costume inspired by Friends


  1. Add leopard print fur to the edges and cuffs of the cardigan.
  2. Add the statement necklace 
  3. Add a brown wig

Wicked Witch of the West and Flying Monkey – The Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West and Flying Monkey Costumes - The Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West

Materials Needed:

  • Black witch hat
  • Witches Broom
  • Black Buttons
  • Black Ribbon(Shiny)
  • Black Fabric
  • Green eye shadow for face paint


  1. Glue 4 buttons to the chest of the polo in a square pattern.
  2. Add accent pieces with strips of black fabric on the sleeves. 
  3. Tie some black ribbon around the waist
  4. Add a black witch hat
  5. Use green eye shadow to turn their face green.

Flying Monkey

Materials Needed:

  • Silver Feathers
  • Blue felt as close to the color of the clothes as possible
  • Red Felt
  • Grey Felt
  • Elastic
  • Blue Eye Shadow for face makeup
  • Posterboard


  1. Use the bigger long sleeve t-shirt to create a vest. Cut down the middle and cut the sleeves off. You will also want to cut off the bottom so it is shorter. 
  2. Add the zig-zag details to the edges of the vest with grey felt first and then red felt a little bit smaller. This will create a layered look. 
  3. Create a cylinder hat out of the blue felt and add the grey and red details with felt. Add elastic to the hat to help keep it on your child’s head.
  4. Create a wing shape out of poster board.

We really hope you enjoyed these pop-culture villain’s costumes. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Subscribe on YouTube for more fun content like this.

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