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15 Costume Ideas from Disney’s Tangled

15 Costume Ideas from Disney’s Tangled

If you know us, we don’t mess around when it comes to costumes. When it comes to group costumes we go all out to make them as awesome as possible. Recently, we attended Oogie Boogie’s Bash at Disneyland and did a group Tangled costume with 19 people and I think it turned out pretty awesome! I think my favorite part about it is that a lot of the costumes light up.

Image of our Family Costume with 15 characters from Disney's Tangled. This picture is at night and shows the costumes lit up.

In this post, I will be sharing 15 costume ideas inspired by Disney’s Tangled. We have created all of these costumes so I can share pictures as well as a brief description of how we created each costume. Some of them are pretty obvious but we also got creative to share some costume ideas you may not have thought of.


For Rapunzel, we used a dress from and I have linked a great option here. You could also of course buy a Rapunzel wig but we actually chose to create our own using different shades of yellow yarn. This allowed us to add lights inside and make the hair glow just like it does in the movie. We also hot glued on some flowers to the wig.

Flynn Rider

For Flynn Rider, we also used a costume from which I have linked here. My son who dressed up as Flynn Rider has blonde hair so we wanted to temporarily color it brown. Unfortunately, it seems like brown temporary hair color is apparently the only color they don’t make. We ended up using Clairol root touch-up spray which worked really well and washed out in the bathtub.

Rapunzel’s Hair

Rapunzel’s Hair as a costume??? Sounds kind of weird and crazy right? Well, that is what we all thought too when my sister-in-law first threw out the idea. However, I think it turned out really cute. The costume is basically a felt vest with hair(yarn) braided on the front and back, the back braid basically becoming a tail. Where the magic really happens is that we connected the hair costume to Rapunzel’s wig so that it looked like Rapunzel’s long hair. We of course added lights to make it glow just like the rest of Rapunzel’s hair. Just a fair warning this costume uses A LOT of yarn, A LOT of lights, and A LOT of AA batteries. It was totally worth it though.

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel Costume from Disney's Tangled

“Mother Knows Best!” For Mother Gothel, we also just purchased a costume online. We also used a wig similar to Mother Gothel’s hair.

Frying Pan

Frying Pan Costume Inspired by Disney's Tangled

“Frying pans… who knew, right?” How could we forget the iconic frying pan from Disney’s Tangled? If you aren’t familiar, Rapunzel and later Flynn Rider use a frying pan as a weapon and are surprised by just how well it does. At the end of the movie, you can actually see the kingdom’s guards using frying pans.

For the frying pan costume, we just used black felt to create a giant frying pan attached to a felt vest to wear the costume.

The Sundrop Flower

Sundrop Magic Flower Costume from Disney's Tangled

In Disney’s Tangled, the sun drop flower is a glowing flower with magical powers that allow Mother Gothel to stay young. The flower consumed by Rapunzel’s mother gives those same glowing and healing powers to Rapunzel’s hair. For this costume just wear green and make a big floral headpiece out of felt and posterboard. Of course, make sure you don’t forget the lights so that the flower can glow just like it does in the movie.

Rapunzel’s Tower

Rapunzel's Tower Costume for Wheelchair inspired by Disney's Tangled

My dad actually made the Rapunzel’s tower costume for my brother who is in a wheelchair. You obviously don’t have to go this extreme and detailed but I think it turned out really awesome.

Stabbington Brothers

Sideburns Stabbington Bro Costume Disney's Tangled
Sideburns Stabbington

Sideburns and Patchy Stabbington are brothers who get betrayed by Flynn Rider and later work with Mother Gothel to try and destroy him. For these costumes, we just found some clothing at the thrift stores and bought some accessories like belts and eye patches. Of course, don’t forget to dye your hair orange/red to fully get in character.

Patchy Stabbington


DIY Maximus Costume from Disney's Tangled

To create the Maximus costume, we used a white baseball cap and created his face using felt pieces on the front of the hat. We also added the sun crest as a necklace and reigns to the hat. Don’t forget to add a mane and tail with yarn. The rest is just dressing up in all white and wearing black gloves and shoes for the hooves.

Floating Lanterns

DIY Floating Lanterns costumes  Inspired by Disney's Tangled

Besides the hair and tower, I think the lanterns are my favorite costumes we did. We used two hula hoops, one at the top and one at the bottom, and stretched fabric around them. We painted on the sun crest symbol and added shoulder straps so that they could be worn. We of course had all the ladies wear a belt of lights so that the lanterns would glow at night.

Wanted Poster

Flynn Rider Wanted Poster costume from Disney's Tangled

We had the wanted poster professionally printed and then attached it to a foam poster board to make it more sturdy. One fun detail that we added is that we had it printed without the nose and then printed off different noses that could be attached by velcro. “They just can’t get my nose right!” Then just add a felt strap so that you can wear it over your shoulders.


DIY Pascal Costume from Disney's Tangled

What is cuter than a little baby pascal? Probably nothing! For this costume, we used green footie pajamas, and my sister-in-law crotched a hat with yarn. Rachel then created a little tail with green fabric and it turned out just perfect.


Cupid Ruffian Costume From Disney's Tangled

Cupid is one of the Ruffians seen in the snuggly duckling and makes for a very funny costume. Thanks to my brother-in-law Mark for rocking this costume so well. To create it we used a skin tone bodysuit and a diaper just made out of white fabric. We then added wings, a bald cap, and a beard to complete the look.


Ulf the mime is another Ruffian who has a dream in the Snuggly Duckling. For this costume, we used a black and grey striped shirt with black sweats. I added red suspenders, white gloves, and face makeup.

I hope these costume ideas from Disney’s Tangled were helpful or they at least made you smile. Which costume is your favorite? If you are looking for more costume ideas check out our costume page where we have a lot of great ideas and tutorials.

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