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25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney released Ralph Breaks the Internet on November 21, 2018. Ralph Breaks the Internet is also referred to sometimes as Wreck-it Ralph 2 as it is the sequel to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. How well do you know Ralph Breaks the Internet? Find out by trying to guess the right answers to all of the Ralph Breaks the Internet trivia questions below. If you want even more Disney trivia make sure you check out my Disney trivia page that contains tons of trivia from all of your favorite Disney movies.

What is the name of the arcade in Wreck-it Ralph? 

Litwak’s Family Fun Center

What does Calhoun think Mr. Litvak is plugging in? 

A blood pressure machine. 

What are shank’s skills? 

Superhuman speed, style for miles, favorite weapon:smarts

When Ralph and Vanellope get bombarded by pop-up ads, one of them is about sassy housewives wanting to meet him. Who is the woman in the picture? (she’s from another Disney movie) 

Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Easter Egg Image showing that it's Aunt Cass from Disney's Big Hero 6
You can see in Sassy Housewives add on the right that it is Cass from Big Hero 6

One of the guys watching Ralph’s videos has a Star Wars tie. Which character is on the tie? 


Fill in the blank. Me and the kid are like shoes and socks or peanuts butter and ________. 

(Bacon) said by Ralph 

How much did the Beyoncé tortilla chip on eBay sell for? 


When the princesses are in their comfy clothes what does Aurora’s shirt say? 

Nap queen

Fill in the blank from this quote. “I’m sorry but my auto-fill is a ____ _____ today.” Said by Knowsmore

Touch aggressive

What Marvel character makes an appearance?

 Baby Groot (Stan Lee’s internet avatar also makes a cameo)

What does Tiana hold up as her weapon when Vanellope appears in the princess room? 

Rolling pin 

How many years apart are the two films? 

6 years. (The sign outside Litwak’s Arcade verifies this further which it once read in the first movie as “HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY SVSY” and now says “HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY SVSY.”

What are the players’ names that find Shank’s car? 

BabeRaham_Linkin and DirtySocks537

What character tells the princesses they have five more minutes till the next princess quiz? 


Who said the quote ”hey do you have a permit for that pop-up?” 

A storm trooper

What is the name of the head algorithm at Buzzztube? 


What is the first rule of the internet? 

Do not read the comments!

What does the virus scan for? 


How many results does Knowsmore find for “where does my high school girlfriend live now?” 


Where do Ralph, Vanellope, and Yesss crash when trying to get away from the virus? 


What two Pixar characters make an appearance in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet? 

Buzz and Merida

Where does the guy live who will pay $40,000 for Shank’s car? 

Des Moines, Iowa

What Disney item can be seen for sale in the eBay scene? 

Magic Lamp, from Disney’s Aladdin

Who voices shank? 

Gal Gadot, yes the same superstar actress who plays Wonder Woman.

What is the name of the pop advertiser advertising to make money playing video games? 


How did you do? Hopefully, you were able to learn something new about Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet! If you enjoyed these trivia questions and are looking for more fun Disney Trivia, check out all of our Disney Trivia here.

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