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25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

25 Exciting Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

How well do you know the Pixar film The Good Dinosaur? Find out by seeing how many of the questions below you can answer correctly. Below you will find I have compiled 25 exciting and challenging trivia questions and answers from Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. For a printable copy of these questions and answers click here.

1. Which dinosaur sibling hatched first? 


2. Where can A113 be found in this movie?

  A113 can be seen formed by pickets on the wooden fence surrounding the area of the “cluckers” on Arlo’s family’s farm.

3. The good Dinosaur shares a release date day and month with which other Pixar movie? 

A Bug’s Life

4. Where does the Pizza Planet Truck make its cameo in this movie?

It’s seen as an asteroid in the opening shot.

5. How does Buck earn his mark on the Silo? 

He clears a field of trees.

6. How do the dinosaurs plow their fields? 

They use the tops of their heads. 

7. What kind of crop does Arlo’s family grow? 


8. What places is the Good Dinosaur’s setting inspired from? 

Jackson, Wyoming and the Tetons

9. Which character said, “The storm provides”?


10. Fill in the blanks  “Sometimes you got to get through your_____ to see the _______ on the other side.”  

Fear; beauty (quote by poppa)

11. Which character said, “If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.”?


12. How did Butch get his scar? 

A crocodile bit his face

13. Why does Forrest Woodbush want Spot? 

He wants Spot to protect him.

14. John Ratzenberger who has voiced a character in every Pixar film voiced which character in The Good Dinosaur? 

Earl who is a Velociraptor 

15. Who is Bubbha? 

A Velociraptor who preys on the herd of longhorns that belong to Butch and his Tyrannosaurus Rex family.

16. Fill in the blank. “This is___________. He protects me from having unrealistic goals.” 

Dreamcrusher (This is a quote by Forrest Woodbush)

17. What are the names of Thunderclap’s gang members? 

Coldfront, Downpour, Frostbite, and Windgust.

18. Why doesn’t Thunderclap feel fear? 

He claims that he used to be scared and shy, until he had a “revelation”, when he saw “the Eye” in a storm. He believes that the storm freed him of fear.

19. Who directed The Good Dinosaur? 

Peter Sohn 

20. When is the Luxo ball shown? 

It’s shown as a berry during the hallucination scene.

21. How many days did Butch walk with no water? 

5 days

22. Who is Debbie? 

One of Forrest Woodbush’s pets- a bright red bird who seems to be Forrest’s favorite.

23. Who said, “I’m not really good at jobs.”?


24. Why is Arlo supposed to kill Spot? 

Spot keeps stealing corn from the family silo.

25. The Good Dinosaur is what number in the Pixar Films lineup? 


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