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25 Challenging Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3

25 Challenging Trivia Questions From Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3

How well do you know the Pixar film Cars 3? Find out by seeing how many of the questions below you can answer correctly. Below you will find I have compiled 25 exciting and challenging trivia questions and answers from Pixar’s Cars 3. For a printable copy of these questions and answers click here.

There are one winner and how many losers according to Lightning Mcqueen’s opening pep talk?

42 losers, I eat losers for breakfast

Where does the opening race take place?

Motor Speedway of the South

What is the first and last name of the new Dinoco race car?

Cal Weathers

What is the name of Chick Hick’s show?

Chick’s Picks

Who is Natalie Certain?

Statistical Analyst 

What number is on Jackson Storm’s car?


Who said, “It’s Futile to resist change man.”


Where is the rookie race car Gabriel from?

Santa Cecilia, the same place Coco takes place 🙂

Who is the Mistro of Motivation

Cruz Ramirez

What is the name of Cruz Ramirez’s electronic personal assistant on her phone?


Who said, “You could talk a snowmobile into an air conditioner”

Cruz Ramirez

What is Lightning McQueens fake name at Thunder Hollow Speedway?

Chester Whipplefilter

What is McQueen’s probability of beating Jackson Storm according to Natalie Certain?


What is Doc Hudson’s home track?

Thomasville Speedway

Who said, “Lifes a beach, and then you drive”

Lightning McQueen

Who did Lightning and Cruz find at Thomasville Speedway?

Smokey who was Doc Hudson’s trainer

According to Smokey what was the best part of Doc Hudson’s life?

Coaching Lightning McQueen

Who is managing Luigi’s Tire Shop while they are out of town with Lightning McQueen?


What is Cruz Ramirez’s Number when she starts racing for Dinoco?


How many times does Lightning McQueen say “Ka-Chow” in Cars 3?


Where do we see the Pizza Planet truck in cars 3?

It is one of the racers in the demolition derby

Who are the original CEOs of Rusteeze?

Rusty and Dusty

What is the name of the beach where Lightning trains with Cruz?

Fireball beach

Who composed the score for Cars 3?

Randy Newman

What is Sally’s nickname for Lightning McQueen?


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