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Mary Poppins Returns Family Activity Sheets

Mary Poppins Returns Family Activity Sheets

The wait is over, Mary Poppins Returns is now playing in theaters everywhere. Do you plan on seeing the movie soon? I am hoping to see it over the holiday break. Until then, Disney Studios has released these activity sheets with fun for the whole family. This activity pack is full of coloring sheets, bookmarks, and even instructions to make your own kite. Simply click on the image below to download the pack.

Did you know?

  • Production designer John Myhre hid six Mickey Mouse “Easter eggs” (outlines of the distinct ears and head of Mickey Mouse) on the abandoned park set.
  • The tail of the kite with which Mary Poppins arrives in “Mary Poppins Returns,” is the actual suffragette sash worn by Mrs. Banks (Glynnis Johns) in the first film.
  • The white marble-topped table in the entryway of the Banks’ home is from the first film and currently resides at Club 33, Disney’s members-only club in New Orleans Square at the Disneyland Resort.
  • All the animation in “Mary Poppins Returns” is two dimensional and hand-drawn/hand-painted, just as it was in the first film.
  • Costume designer Sandy Powell and her department created 448 original costumes for the film, all of which were authentic to 1930s London.
  • Approximately 70 animators (ranging in age from the late ‘20s to the late ‘60s) worked on the animated sequences in the film, some even coming out of retirement just to work on the sequel to such a beloved title.

Below are a couple sneak peek clips from the movie that I think you will enjoy.