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Disney & Pixar’s Onward Trivia Questions and Answers

Disney & Pixar’s Onward Trivia Questions and Answers

I have compiled several trivia questions and answers from Disney/Pixar’s Onward. For a printable copy of these questions click here.

What is the name of the college Ian’s dad attended?

Willowdale College

Which birthday is Ian celebrating in this film?

16th Birthday

What is the last name of Ian and Barley?


What is the name of the Lightfoot family’s pet dragon?


What is the name of Ian’s dad?

Wilden Lightfoot

What is Ian’s mom seen doing at the beginning of the film?

Working out to an aerobics video

What is the game that Barley Lightfoot is always playing?

Quests of Yore

What is the name of Ian’s mom?

Laurel Lightfoot

How many grams of protein are in the protein powder Laurel Lightfoot uses in her green smoothie?

60 grams

What is the name of the restaurant where Ian gets breakfast?

The Burger Shire

What does the letterboard sign say outside of the Burger Shire?

Now serving 2nd breakfast

What is the name of Ian Lightfoots High School?

New Mushroomton High School

What are the four checkbox items that Ian first adds to his “New Me” checklist?

Speak up more, Learn to Drive, invite people to party, be like Dad

What type of stone are the two brothers on a quest for?

Pheonix Gem

What was Wilden Lightfoot’s profession?


Where is the place all quests begin?

The Manticore’s Tavern

What is the first thing on Ian’s list of things to do with dad?

Play catch

 In order for a spell to work, you must speak from your ___?

Heart’s fire

What is the Manticore’s name?


What is the clue on the children’s menu from the Manitore’s Tavern?

Raven’s Point

Who said, “You have to take risks in life to have an adventure?”

The Manticore

What is the name of the police officer that questions the Manticore and Laurel after the tavern fire?


What is the name of the gas station where the brothers get gas?

Swamp Gas

What is the name of the Manticore’s enchanted sword?

The Curse Crusher

What do the pixie’s call Wilden Lightfoot?


What is the slogan on the police vehicles?

“Serving the Realm”

What did Wilden want his wizard name to be?

Wilden the Whimsical

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