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Team Rocket Pokemon Costume DIY, A Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Team Rocket Pokemon Costume DIY, A Complete Step by Step Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we’re going to be showing you exactly how to make James and Jessie otherwise known as Team Rocket from Pokemon. This costume requires no sewing but you will need hot glue instead.

Materials Needed

James Costume

Let’s start with the James costume. For Jame’s shirt, we will be using the short sleeve black onesie underneath the white long sleeve shirt.

Cut the bottom of the white long sleeve shirt off about 1 inch below your child’s belly button. That extra inch will leave room for the seam.

Cut a triangle up from the bottom front of the shirt. We will then turn the shirt inside out and fold up the bottom edges of the shirt. This will create a nice seam where we cut off the bottom of the shirt. Hot glue along that fold to keep the seam in place.

To complete James’s shirt we just need to add a big red R cut out of felt.

We will cut a strip of purple felt and add a square of light purple felt to create the belt. For Jame’s glove look, we will just cut the foot part off of a pair of socks and it will create the perfect cuffs to go over the wrists of the white onesie. James will wear white pants and long black socks.

Jessie Costume

We will now move on to Jessie’s costume. For Jessie’s shirt, we will be using the long sleeve black onesie underneath the short sleeve white onesie.

We will use do the same thing we did for James’s shirt but we will cut Jessie’s shirt a little higher up. We have the black onesie underneath to keep your child warm. We will also add a big red R cut out of felt.

You can add green circle earrings made out of felt for an extra touch.

To dress your child as Jessie you will begin with the black long sleeve onesie, and place the white shirt over. Pair that with the white skirt, long black socks and the Jessie wig and the costume is complete.