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Disney & Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Trivia Questions and Answers

Disney & Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Trivia Questions and Answers

I have compiled several trivia questions and answers from Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2. For a printable copy of these questions click here.

What school does Violet Parr attend in Incredibles 2?

Western View Junior High School

Who are the first two characters to appear on screen in Incredibles 2?

Agent Rick Dicker and Tony Rydinger

What is the name of the city the Incredibles live in?


What is the name of the villain the incredible family is trying to catch at the beginning of Incredibles 2?

The Underminer

Who said, “You want out of the hole? First, you got to put down the shovel”

Rick Dicker

What is the name of the motel the Parr family stays at?

Safari Court, (Apparently there is a famous Safara Inn that is almost identical in Burbank California)

What room number at the motel does the family stay at?


What is the name of the company that hires the superheroes?


What two superheroes did Winston Deavor’s father have a direct line to?

Gazerbeam and Fironic

How many superpowers does Jack-Jack demonstrate in Incredibles 2?

17, self-combustion, shapeshifting, demon form, mimicking features on others, phasing through solid objects, enhanced strength, levitation, dimensional traveling, balloon pliable, laser vision, creating duplicates, electrogenesis, molecular vibration, wall-crawling, teleportation, size manipulation, and being able to harden into metal

Who said, “Insurance is key!”

Mr. Incredible

 What cereal does Mr. Incredible make the kids eat instead of sugar bombs?

Fiber O’s

What city does Mrs. Incredible fly to for her first mission with Devtech?

New Urbem

What book does Mr. Incredible read to Jack-Jack before bed?

Doozles are Dozing

Why does Dash call his mom while she is chasing the runaway monorail?

He can’t find his high tops

Who voices Frozone?

Samuel L Jackson

Who does Elastigirl save from the helicopter crash?

The ambassador

Where does Tony Rydinger work?

The Happy Platter

Which Toy Story toy can you see in Jack Jack’s playpen in Incredibles 2?

Duke Caboom

What is Frozone’s real name?

Lucious Best

 Who said, “Done properly, parenting is a heroic act. Done Properly”

Edna Mode

What is the name of Devtech’s boat?


Who is the last of the superheroes to be controlled by the screen slaver?


What movie were Violet and Tony going to see?

Dementia 113 which is where we can see A113 the classic Pixar number

What number of Pixar film is Incredibles 2?


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